Wednesday, 26 Jun 2019
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Pakistan's Largest Tender Information Providers
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About The Author

Dr. Irfan Ahmad Was born in Lahore. He is the grandson of Dr. C. A. Qadir the great philosopher of Pakistan. He graduated in medicine from Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan. He was awarded with gold medal for his post graduation in immuno-hematology. He started The first tender information service in Pakistan. For his work he was awarded with National Performance Award. He has written two books on the subject of tender management by the name "Managing Tender Business" and "Combating Procurement Frauds". He has also written more then one hundred articles on the subject of tendering and fraud protection in procurement. His articles are published on difference article websites. He was given the status of platinum expert author by and premium author by article factory. He is the chief executive of Tender Service and Editor in Chief of Business Monthly, Hospital Monthly and Construction Trends published by Tender Service.