Tender Service has supplied Diamond Jumbolon with a tender notification service for more then ten years and several of our employees have attended their seminar on tender management. Even though we are the largest insulation material manufacturers in Pakistan we cannot be everywhere at all times. Subscribing to Tender Service gives us the ability to ensure we are in as many places as possible. We are delighted with the service.
Director,Diamond Jumbolon

The information that Tender service sends us is easily and quickly checked for items of interest to our organization. Also because of the use of email notification, any relevant items are then easily distributed to those people within Technology One who have responsibility to source further information about the tender. In all it's a very convenient and timely service.
Chairman,National Scientific Corporation

We have subscribed to Tender service for the past eleven years with tremendous success. Not only has the source of information enabled the organization to grow new business but it has been a valuable resource database keeping track of opportunities for the future. The classification of search is broad enough for us to maintain an eye on general activity in many diverse market segments. This has also opened doors by way of knowledge and suitable timing. Our company and Tender Service have forged an excellent business relationship which will continue for years to come.
Chief Executive Officer,Pollution Engineering Pakistan (PVT)Limited

We have subscribed to Tender Service for over 5 years. We find it a very helpful information tool, keeping us informed about departments that are going to tender for our services. We find the email service is a great way to win new business.
Chairman,Raheem Group

Tender Service has supplied us with its tender notification service for the last 12 years and we find it of great value, keeping us abreast of what's going on in the marketplace. Some of our employees have attended their seminar on tender management, which has been helpful in teaching key buying criteria for potential prospects, where we should be targeting our business and what action to take. We find Tender Service ,to be an invaluable source of information which keeps us ahead of our competitors. Our business is dedicated towards increases in profitability and market share; that's why we align ourselves with Tender Service.
Partner,Total Technology

Tender Service information allows us to understand the key areas of focus for our strategic clients, as well as the types of activities that are gaining prominence in the industry, particularly in government - at a glance. We are than able to assess how we can add value to each suitable tender - alternatively, we keep relative information on record for future interactions.

Principal Architect, Design Creators
It's been a lot of hard work but what keeps the business ticking over is our access to a constant stream of tenders and our ability to respond to them successfully. There's no way we would be able to access all these tenders if we were looking through the papers ourselves, we can't put into words how valuable the service is to our business…you could say it IS our business. We have been subscribing to the Tender Service for ten years. Because our business is built around responding to tenders it seemed a natural progression to be a part of Tender Service. Thanks
Manager Administration ,Radiant Medical(Pvt) Ltd.

The service is well designed, contains exactly the information needed and opens a door to extensive help in tender response. Tender Service is an indispensable tool for any business looking to deliver goods and services.

Ex.MD,Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation