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Fighting Corruption In Tendering Through Articles

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Managing Tender Business

Combating Tender Frauds

Fighting Corruption In Tendering Through Articles
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Role Of Tender Manager
6 Dec 09

Once the tender response has been agreed and all questions answered, the tender manager is charged with putting the various elements of the tender together. Some of the suggested guidelines for submitting the tender given below which should be considered by the tender manager before submitting the tender. Submitting the Tender When you are invited to tender you move to a different phase, one where an understanding of the process will greatly assist your potential for success. The initia....

Tender Manager - The Key To Success
6 Dec 09

Tender Manager’s Initial Function Decide whether to tender or not. Duplicate the required number of copies. Produce a tender timescale diary. Safely store two copies for the tender response. Read the tender document and send off for any relevant reference documents stated in the document. Log the date of request for this documentation and ensure its speedy receipt. Decide what team of experts in required to complete the tender. Circulate reference documentation on recei....

What To Do If Your Tender Is Unsuccessful
6 Dec 09

Post tender Briefing Whether your firm is unsuccessful or not, it should seek a debrief, either received in writing or in person. Please remember, it is just as important for the winning firm to know precisely why it won the contact as it is for the unselected firm. It could be that the winning contractor only did so because of the default of others, or it may be that your tender was thousand below other tenders, in which case your pricing strategy may be costing you profits. Purpose of De....

Responsibilities of Suppliers After Their Tender Declared Un Successful
6 Dec 09

Preparing for the debriefing meeting Prepare carefully for the debriefing by reviewing you tender against the scope of work, the evaluation criteria stated in the tender documentation and the winning price. Take notes during the debriefing and seek immediate clarification on matters you do not fully understand. If the department agrees to get back you on any matter arising during the debriefing then ask for a contact name and telephone number and date which by the information will be provi....

How Tender Service Websites Work
6 Dec 09

Daily Tenders are an important economic factor and a chance to acquire new customers. Invitations to tender are made public via a large number of newspapers and websites. Don‘t waste time and money looking for business opportunities – Tender information services will find and send notices specific to your type of business to you! How These Services Work By applying automated workflows and template-based document generators, Tender information services simplifies the process of public p....

Tips on Tender Response
3 Dec 09

Tips on Tender Response When completing you tender: First, prepare checklist to identify what you have to do. Read the ‘Request for Tender’ documents carefully and highlight the important issues and requirements. Evaluate if it is worthwhile for you to respond. Are you competitive? What are your chances of winning? Ask questions if you don’t understand something or require clarification. Identify whether any performance guarantees, warrantees or other commercial provisions are re....

The Key To Successful Tendering - Careful Planning
25 Nov 09

Planning Phase The key to successful tendering is careful planning and time allocation. Generally you should: Read the request for tender document thoroughly. Ensure that you understand what is being asked for. Know the closing date and address for submission of tenders. Follow the instructions in the conditions of tendering. Non-compliment responses are likely to be treated as invalid and therefore not considered. Carefully evaluate the scope of work being asked for and whether all the wo....

Research - An Essential Requirement For Successful Tendering
25 Nov 09

Organizing your research Research is an essential requirement for successful tendering. It is suggested that you should: Acquire a working knowledge of the government purchasing policies and procedures. Learn how the system works and use the knowledge to your advantage. Learn to use the internet effectively. Increasingly this will be where market information and future opportunities will be found. Find out the evaluation criteria. This information should be detailed in the tender document. Wh....

Submitting Tender Documents On Time
25 Nov 09

Dispatch the Tender Be careful to place your tender presentation in the package which does not denote your company. If you are using a mail-franking machine check that it does not contain the name of the company. If delivering by courier, ensure your courier does not affix a label to the package that denotes any company. Deliver the package in person if possible; ensure that it is delivered to the correct person at the authority and that you receive a timed signed receipt. Usually hand-....