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Fighting Corruption In Tendering Through Articles

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Fighting Corruption In Tendering Through Articles
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Pre-Tender Meeting - What to do for success
6 Dec 09

Many times pre-tender meetings are called by the tendering authority to explain about the projects and to get the views of the tenderers about it. It is a high opportunity to get complete information about the tender called and to get the explanation of any ambiguous condition that may be present in the tender. Make Pre-Tender Meetings Work for You Many contractors fail to make the best opportunity of pre-tender meetings. Indeed, some firms invited either refuse the invitation or accept bu....

Sit to be seen in a Pre-tender meeting
6 Dec 09

Often you will find that the issuing authority has not fully considered the consequences of some of the requirements they have stipulated in the invitation to tender. In many instances the tender invitation has been completed by personnel not involved in the actual activity and may include totally irrelevant terms and conditions. Having these problems drawn to their attention may result in these being disregarded or amended. Sit to be Seen This is also important to understand the significa....

Tips on Tender Marketing
3 Dec 09

Tips for Tender Manager When setting up a team to prepare a tender, you should make sure that: There is a clear understanding of the duties of the people involved in the tender and the people involved in the implementation. The best people are selected for the team. There is full commitment from all team members for the tender and their roles and responsibilities. Participation by unofficial team members is discourages. There is a tendency especially in high profile tenders for persons ....