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Fighting Corruption In Tendering Through Articles

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Managing Tender Business

Combating Tender Frauds

Fighting Corruption In Tendering Through Articles
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The Tendering Fraud Environment – Part I
10 Dec 09

The elements, which can contribute to the flurishment of fraud environment, can be summarized as:


Department Acceptance

Little fear of dedication

Lack of leadership and support


It is clear that the nature of the work performed is important in giving rise to the opportunity for procurement fraud. In particular, the amount of discretion exercised by the position is relevant as well as the issue of potential delay in decision-making and action. Individuals needing to access a service in which delays are common (i.e. clearing of bills) may be tempted to bribe the official involved in order to shortcut the process.

The nature of the working conditions and the personal characteristics of the employee are other relevant factors. An analysis of system and consequent changes and do much to remove some of the opportunity for procurement Fraud.

System can also play a part in creating opportunity. For example, centralizing the purchasing function of an agency may be efficient. It may even be an opportunity to ensure that policies and practices relating to purchasing are adhered to. However, it may also lead to placing unmitigated trust in on e or few people if no checks and balances exist to identify potential wrongdoing. It can, in fact, be the cause of the very problem that it might have been set up to address. More...