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Fighting Corruption In Tendering Through Articles

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Fighting Corruption In Tendering Through Articles
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The Mutual Corruption In Tendering
16 Dec 09

A Purchasing official, probably as the result of corruption, can manipulate the tendering process in a number of ways to benefit a favored contractor or supplier. These include leaking information regarding competing tenders, accepting late tenders, changing tenders, re-bidding work and so on. Favoring the contractor Purchasing officials can leak tender information from other bidders, or confidential pre-tender information, to a favored contractor giving him an unfair advantage in the te....

The Games Dishonest Tendering Companies Play
13 Dec 09

Allocation Of Tendering Areas Allocation of tendering areas are agreements in which tendering competitors divide markets among themselves. In such plans, competing companies allocate specific customer or type of customers, products, or territories among themselves. For example, one tenderer will be allowed to sell to, or tender on contracts let by, customers allocated to the other competitors. In other schemes, competitors agree to sell only to customers in certain geographic areas and refuse....

Tendering Frauds In Financial Matters
13 Dec 09

Overcharging in cost type contracts Overcharging in cost type contracts refers to schemes by contractors to defraud the government by charging additional amount on cost-type contracts. The contractor can do so in a number of ways, including charging labor costs incurred on a private fixed price contract to the government cost-plus job, or by charging the same amount of costs to two or more contracts. Concealing the original cost Concealing the original cost occurs if government contrac....

Employee ’pressure’ In Tendering Fraud
10 Dec 09

Employee ’pressure’ factors High staff turnover and/or staff shortages, resulting in checks not being carried out or being carried out inadequately. Lack of supervision. Lack of training, so staff are not aware of where their jobs fit in the broader picture, and they are not aware of possible areas where fraud might occur. Staff not trained in the use of relevant policies and procedures, and the importance of complying with them. Poor staff morale resulting in retaliatory frau....

Tendering Fraud Risk Factors
10 Dec 09

The presence of factors such as those listed below will render a Government agency susceptible to procurement fraud. 1. Lack of Awareness Lack of awareness at the management level, of the dangers of procurement fraud and the necessary defenses. 2. No top down commitment No top down commitment to root out and deal with instances of procurement fraud; this means taking effective and punitive and actions. 3.Lack of financial control The failure of the governing body to implement s....

The Tendering Fraud Environment – Part II
10 Dec 09

Departmental Acceptance Departmental culture is a factor, which both contributes to the opportunity for corrupt action and aids in the continuation of such action. Aspects of departmental culture conducive to fraud include: Unclear messaged about what is acceptable When a department or procurement agency does not clearly specify what is acceptable, there is more scope for employee deviance, including fraud. For instance, the definition of bribery or conflict of interest may not have be....

The Tendering Fraud Environment – Part I
10 Dec 09

The elements, which can contribute to the flurishment of fraud environment, can be summarized as: Opportunity Department Acceptance Little fear of dedication Lack of leadership and support Opportunity It is clear that the nature of the work performed is important in giving rise to the opportunity for procurement fraud. In particular, the amount of discretion exercised by the position is relevant as well as the issue of potential delay in decision-making and action. Individuals ....

Indicators Of Potential Tendering Fraudster
10 Dec 09

Economic Stress Family illness Divorce Family unemployment High Debt Financial losses Pressure of the world Life Style Living beyond means Possible alcohol or drug problems Gambling Work Habit Excessive overtime No vacations Excessive sick or vacation leave taken Avoids or is too friendly to employees Secretiveness or defensiveness Turning down promotions or transfers Avoidance by other employees Officer’s pressure to show good results ....

Personality Of A Tendering Fraudster
10 Dec 09

Personality Of A Tendering Fraudster Greed or need In simple terms, motivation is based on either greed or need. Many people are faced with the opportunity to commit fraud, and only a minority of the greedy and needy do so. Personality and temperament Personality and temperament including how frightened people are about the consequences of talking risks play a role. Taste for fast life Some people with good objective opportunities fall into bad company and develop tastes for fa....

Psychology of Tendering Fraud
10 Dec 09

Trilogy of fraud There is no single reason behind procurement fraud. Any explanation of it need to take account of various factors. However three most important factors which leads to fraud are The perceived suitability of targets for fraud. The incapability of potential offenders. (Government agencies) to look after their interests. The motivation of potential offenders. Fraudsters Perspective Looking at the same issue from the fraudster’s perspective, it is necessary to ....