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Fighting Corruption In Tendering Through Articles

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Managing Tender Business

Combating Tender Frauds

Fighting Corruption In Tendering Through Articles
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Gaining Entry To The Tendering Market
25 Nov 09

If you are a small company and have yet to win any substantial contracts from the government sector, you should try to build up a track record of small supplies to the government or private sector. First target local government offices within your immediate area. Check yellow pages – you will be surprised how many local and central government offices there are within a reasonable radius of your company. Virtually all will have an authority to purchase low-value commodities up to twenty five th....

Tendering With Odds In Your Favour
25 Nov 09

Odds of winning When looking to respond to tenders your firm should be looking at where it has a “competitive edge” or a way in which it can increase the chances of a successful tender submission. Strategic advantage in terms of the odds of winning. For example, if your submission is competing against 29 other submissions, your chances of success based solely in odds is 1 in 30, however if you have responded to a tender which has only 2 other responses the odds of winning are 1 in 3....

Hidden Sales Opportunities In Tendering
25 Nov 09

Competitive Advantage Identity your Strength In order to focus on winning a tender it is necessary to have a very clean insight as to what your competitive advantage is and how to use it. You will need to identify what your company is extremely good at and competitive in delivering. No doubt you already know this but take the time now to write it down. This also helps in not getting side tracked and keeping your marketing in line with your competitive advantage. Respond to Tender Tha....

Long Term Value Of Tender Business
25 Nov 09

Recurring Tenders In most cases you can access the details of tenders previously contracted. That is, who won last time, how much they charged and what they were requested to provide. Recurring tenders allow you to know in advance that the tender is coming up and you will be able to plan a lot earlier than you can with a one off tender. The specifications, requirements and many details of the tender remains the same. By researching the previous winning tender you have an advantage, you ....

Tender Winning Tips
25 Nov 09

Tips on Finding Business If you are a consultant, supplier or contractor, apply for a registration to concerned department, related to your field of business. Develop a personal relationship with government buyers. The better the buyers know what goods or services you provide, the more likely you are to be invited to quote. Get a foot in the door by approaching buyers for lower contract opportunities. Keep in regular contact with government buyers to confirm that they are still in that rol....

Earn Money Through Tendering
23 Nov 09

Introduction Each Year, government departments, semi government organizations, autonomous bodies and large industrial units spend billions of dollars, buying a wide variety of goods, services and infrastructures from the private sector. This purchasing encourages fair & open competition between suppliers & aims to achieve the ‘Best Value for Money’. Private sector suppliers & contractors, both large & small can effectively enter into this market which can open a new avenue of business fo....

How to Win Tenders By Right Pricing Strategy
23 Nov 09

Obviously your pricing of a tender will be different to your normal pricing strategy. The first point to remember is that a scale made through the tendering process can have very good margins and that non related costs such as the advertising, marketing and allowance for bad debts should not be included in the pricing. People who talk about the tendering market being competitive are often using their general list price levels in their tender, which usually have these additional costs built in....

Wining Strategy-Early collection of Tender Documents
23 Nov 09

Collecting tender documents from the department, which has floated tender, seems to be a minor step at first sight. But it is not so. Please check up following details from the tender notice before putting in your valued resources and efforts. Product Description Even though the product seems to be the same as you are dealing with, it is valuable to recheck the description. If possible, check specifications if tender document is costly and available for pre inspection. It is possible that ....